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Quotes From Numerous Jack Jezzro Album Reviews

"An undeniably fine guitarist, Jezzro plays with taste and finesse."

Jim Ferguson; Jazz Times


"Jazz at its very best. It just doesn't get any better."

Entertainment News


"Sensuality of rhythm. Richly textured. Consistently clever arranging. Irresistable pulsations."

20th Century Guitar


"Rich, round, restrained and refined. Jezzro swings with heartfelt emotion. Rekindles a listener's affair with the American Popular Song."

Jim Santella; All About Jazz


"Magical. Superb! A masterpiece."

Boston Post-Gazette


"Impeccable, straightforward, melodic, warm, innovative. You can feel enthusiasm when you listen to his music."

Robert Heinrich; Jazz


"Spectacular. Figures in the top 5% with Gilberto, Ritenour, Caymmi, Silvieri, and Mariano."

Wes Gillespie; Brazilian Music Review and The Jazz Site


"Great sound, great style, and great taste."

John Henry; Audiophile Audition


"Quite fine and recommendable. Pristine."

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz


"Due to the splendid arrangements, its elegance, and impeccable phrasings--along with the skillful chord stylings and picking techniques--this CD clearly shines."

Paula Edelstein; All Music Guide


"Jezzro successfully breathes life into [these] well - worn tunes. A subtle, laid back, and utterly captivating jazz trio recording."

Ron Forbes - Roberts; Acoustic Guitar Central


"[Jezzro] scoots around the changes with a sure hand and lots of imagination. Wonderful use of chords mixed with soloing. Sometimes it feels like there's another guitarist in the room, but there's not. I love this album."

John Heidt; Vintage Guitar


"[Jezzro's] notes radiate from a calm center. Listen, and be calmed yourself. You don't often hear this level of elegance."

John Barrett; Jazz USA


"Entrancing. Jezzro weaves a magical spell.”

Robert K. Oermann; Music Row


"Beautiful. Great melodic Brazilian tunes. The next best thing to grabbing a jet to Rio - don't miss it!"

Peter Boehi, Smooth Jazz Vibes


"Jezzro moves comfortably through his compositions with a genuine feel for the scene and a thorough grasp of the whole package."

Jim Santella; All About Jazz


"Superbly crafted and played with conviction.”

Doctor Jazz; Improvijazzation Nation


"A breezy recording. Works flawlessly. Catchy melodies, warm textures, and a friendly nature. Highly recommended."

Wind & Wire


"Shimmering jazz fused with Brazilian music influences."

Bryan Baker; Gajoob


"Captures more than just your attention: it holds on to your spirit and subconscious as well."

Sherri Shaulis; The Dominion Post, Morgantown, WV


"Like a breezy afternoon on the beach. A sizzling landscape of coolness."

Songwriter's Monthly


"The next best thing to grabbing a jet to Rio."

Four Corners Wholistic Alternatives


"Tracks portray a picture of warm days, golden sand, and sunny skies. Ten outa ten."

The Jazz Site


A superb fingerpicker, Jezzro commands the talents of not only the best jazz players but tosses in some extremely finessy embellishments approaching classicalist wonts, even waxing McLaughlinesque at times.

Mark S. Tucker; Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange



"This music transports you to other places and leaves you with an uplifting memory."

Sedona Vortex Connection


"Flawless guitar picking. naturally strong rhythms, seductive melodies. A sure bet."

Robert Walmsley; Omega Directory


"Four out of five stars. Excellent."

Hill Rag, Washington D.C.


"Very polished. Uptempo, soft and slow, aggressive with hurricane intensity."

The Searcher & Faithist Journal


"Solid compositions, high energy. Absolute nirvana. Highly recommended."

Improvijazzation Nation


"One of the most romantic jazz albums to appear on the scene in years! Perfect in all ways."

John Barrett; Jazz USA


"The sound stays with you long after the music is over."

Sedona Vortex Connection


"An album to sit down with and relax after a stressful day."

The Jazz Site


"A stroke of genius."

Darryl Riser; The Drakhan's Lair

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